Camping**** les Chênes
Allée du Bois de Boulogne
40 100 DAX (Landes)

+33 (0)5 58 90 05 53

Latitude : 43.710891
Longitude : -1.070743499999935

Lys n°1 and 2 Caravan 20 m²
20m² | 1 - 2 pers. | From € 360

Lys Caravan 24 m²
24m² | 1 - 3 pers. | From 360

Bruyère Caravan 24 m²
24m² | 1 - 4 pers. | From € 360

Nénuphar and Pétunia Caravan 24 m²
24m² | 1 - 4 pers. | From € 390

Tulipe Caravan 27 m²
27m² | 1 - 4 pers. | From € 470

Tulipe n° 5 and 6 + Nénuphar n° 5 and 6 Caravan 27 m²
27m² | 1 - 4 pers. | From € 470

Pâquerette n° 1 and 8 Caravan 29 m²
29m² | 1 - 4 pers. | From 470

Pâquerette Caravan 32 m²
32m² | 1 - 4 pers. | From 470

Furnished Holiday 25 m²
25m² | 1 - 4 pers. | From 390

4-star Camping les Chênes

Recharge your batteries during your hydrotherapy spa treatment stay, or your holiday with family and friends in Dax, by the woods near the Adour river.

A unique setting

A century-old oak grove and a beautiful park with various tree varieties on the doorstep of downtown Dax is the unique setting of Camping les Chênes.

Just a short walk from all the local conveniences (shops in the town’s pedestrian streets, casino, road access, etc.), the campsite is located along the edge of the Bois de Boulogne (Boulogne Woods), near the Adour riverbanks and a popular fishing pond. Here you can enjoy your holiday in a quiet location close to everything.

For spa clients, the campsite has shuttle service provided by every hydrotherapy spa in Dax – regardless of when your spa treatment is scheduled, your outbound and return transport will be provided.

A friendly atmosphere

Designed by Pierre Albaladejo and his wife, the campsite is now managed by their son Denis and his wife Béatrice. The entire family-oriented team will ensure your comfort and satisfaction on a daily basis.

When it comes to relaxing, Camping les Chênes has lots of activities for you both onsite and nearby.


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The Landes within easy reach

From Dax, the department’s Sub-Prefecture, all that the Landes has to offer is within easy reach - the Mont de Marsan Prefecture, the Atlantic Coast beaches, the famous pine forests, and so much more.

So it’s possible to visit the Landes during your stay and come back to the peace and quiet of your accommodation every evening at the Camping les Chênes in Dax.

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