Camping**** les Chênes
Allée du Bois de Boulogne
40 100 DAX (Landes)

+33 (0)5 58 90 05 53

Latitude : 43.710891
Longitude : -1.070743499999935

Lys n°1 and 2 Caravan 20 m²
20m² | 1 - 2 pers. | From € 415

Lys Caravan 24 m²
24m² | 1 - 3 pers. | From € 415

Bruyère Caravan 24 m²
24m² | 1 - 4 pers. | From € 415

Nénuphar and Pétunia Caravan 24 m²
24m² | 1 - 3 pers. | From € 450

Tulipe Caravan 27 m²
27m² | 1 - 4 pers. | From € 525

Tulipe n° 5 and 6 + Nénuphar n° 5
   and 6 Caravan 27 m²

27m² | 1 - 4 pers. | From € 525

Pâquerette n° 1 and 8 Caravan 29 m²
29m² | 1 - 4 pers. | From 525

Pâquerette Caravan 32 m²
32m² | 1 - 4 pers. | From 525

Furnished Holiday 25 m²
25m² | 1 - 4 pers. | From 450

Internal Rules



1° Conditions for Admission
To be allowed to enter and stay at the campsite, authorisation must be given by the manager or his representative. He must ensure that the campsite is clean and well-maintained, and in compliance with the application of these internal rules.
Staying at the campsite implies that you have accepted the provisions of these rules and agree to comply with them.

2° Police Formalities
Anyone staying at least one night at the campsite must first show his or her identity papers to the manager or his representative and fulfil the formalities required by the police.
Minors not accompanied by their parents, but on holiday with another family, will only be admitted if they have written authorisation from their parents or legal guardians.

3° Setting Up
The tent or the caravan and related equipment must be set up at the specified pitch, in accordance with the instructions given by the manager or his representative.

4° Reception
Open 9 am - Noon and 2:30 pm – 7 pm Monday-Saturday.
Open 9 am - Noon and 3:30 pm – 6:30 pm Sundays.
At reception, you’ll find all information concerning campsite amenities, supply options, sports facilities, local sightseeing and various useful addresses. A claims book or a special box for claims forms shall be made available for customers. Claims will only be taken into account if they have been signed, dated, are as specific as possible and report relatively recent events.

5° Usage Fees
Usage fees must be paid at the reception office. Their amount is posted at the campsite entrance and at reception. The fees are based on the number of nights spent at the campsite. Campsite customers are asked to advise reception of their departure the day before. Campers who wish to leave before reception opens must pay any fees due the day prior to their departure.

6° Noise and Quiet
Campsite users are urged to avoid making any noise and talking which may disturb their neighbours. The volume of audio devices must be adjusted accordingly. The closing of vehicle doors and boots/trunks must be done as quietly as possible. Dogs and other pets must be kept on a leash at all times. They must not be left at the campsite, or locked up, in their owner’s absence. Their owners are civilly liable for them. It must be completely quiet between 11 pm and 6 am.

7° Visitors
After being authorised by the manager or his representative, visitors may enter the campsite under the responsibility of the campers who invited them.
A camper may come meet one or more visitors at reception. If these visitors are allowed to enter the campsite, the camper who they are visiting may be responsible for paying a fee, if the visitor has access to campsite amenities or facilities. This fee is posted at the campsite entrance and at reception.
Visitors’ vehicles are not allowed inside the campsite.

8° Vehicle Traffic and Parking
The vehicle speed limit on-site is 10 km/h.
Driving is not allowed between 10 pm and 7 am.
Only vehicles belonging to campers staying at the campsite are allowed to drive inside the campsite.
Parking, which is strictly forbidden on camping pitches, furthermore must neither hinder traffic, nor hinder newcomers setting-up their pitches.

9° Facilities Maintenance and Appearance
Each and every person is required to refrain from any conduct that may be detrimental to the campsite’s cleanliness, hygiene and appearance. Emptying waste water on the ground and in the gutters is strictly forbidden. Caravan customers are required to empty their waste water at the facilities intended for this purpose.
Household rubbish, waste of any kind, and papers, must be placed in the bins.
Each and every person is required to refrain from any conduct that may be detrimental to the campsite’s cleanliness, hygiene and appearance or damage its facilities, especially the toilets and showers.
Washing is strictly forbidden other than in the sinks intended for this purpose.
Laundry, if any, should be hung out at the campsite clothesline. Nevertheless, it is allowed until 10 am near the pitches, as long as it is done discreetly and does not disturb the neighbours. It should never be tied up to the trees. The plants and flowers should be treated with respect. Campers are not allowed to hammer nails in the trees, cut branches, or plant anything. Marking the boundaries of a pitch set-up using personal means and digging in the ground is also not allowed. Any damage to the vegetation, fences, land or campsite facilities shall be the responsibility of the person who has done the damage. The pitch used during the stay must be maintained in the condition it was in when the camper first arrived on-site.

10° Safety and Security
a)    Fires
Open fires (wood, charcoal, etc.) are strictly prohibited. Camping cookers must be kept in good working order and not used in unsafe conditions.
In the event of a fire, please advise management immediately. Fire extinguishers may be used if necessary. A first aid kit is available at reception.
b)    Theft
Management shall be responsible for items left at reception and is generally responsible for monitoring the campsite. Campers shall be responsible for their own pitches and must report the presence of anyone suspicious to the manager.
Even though security is provided, campsite users are advised to take all the usual precautions to safeguard their equipment and belongings.

11° Games
Disruptive or violent games are not permitted near the campsite facilities. The meeting room may not be used for physically active games.
Children must always be under parental supervision.

12° Equipment Storage
Unoccupied camping equipment (e.g. caravan) may not be left on-site without management’s consent and only at the specified pitch.
A fee will be charged for equipment storage (“garage mort” in French). The fee amount is displayed at reception.

13° Billposting of Rules
These internal rules are posted at the campsite’s entrance and at reception. They are provided to customers on request.

14° Violation of Internal Rules
If a campsite resident disturbs other customers or does not abide by the provisions of these internal rules, the manager or his representative may give him or her formal notice orally or in writing if he deems it necessary.
In the event of a serious or repeated violation of the internal rules, after formal notice by the manager to abide by it, he may terminate the contract.
In the event of a criminal offence, the manager may call the police.

These rules have been edited for your comfort so that your stay at Camping les Chênes is a pleasant one. Have a great holiday!


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